Hi Rani,

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me today. While I wasn’t looking for a new role before the recruiters contacted me, I’m very excited about the opportunity to help a growing and ambitious company create and implement a strategic messaging and brand framework.

With my unique background in marketing strategy and design, I believe I can help you unify the Entrust Datacard messaging, voice, and visual identity to ensure the rest of the marketing team’s efforts are both more efficient — with less wasted time and fewer siloed (and even conflicting) campaigns — and more effective, as they will be tightly focused on the messages customers need to hear at every stage of their buying journey.

I’m particularly excited about this opportunity, as I find that effective messaging is one of the areas where I am able to add the most value. For example, we were recently working on some materials for a new product, when I realized the language coming from our product team was really familiar. In fact, this product sounded like it did exactly what one of our other products did, and neither the product owners, the development team, nor the sales executive could explain to me the difference in value propositions between the two.

Obviously this was a problem. So I asked each product owner to outline for me the key product features & benefits and how the products would be used. After reviewing what they wrote, I determined that while each product could perform substantially similar computations on the back end, they were designed for completely different use cases. One was created to serve as a customizable dashboard with live data to facilitate real-time decision-making. The other was designed to serve as a system of record, with specialized reporting for audit trails and invoicing.

I ran these ideas by the product owners and executives and they all agreed that I had gotten it right. In addition to informing our marketing materials, this messaging is now helping our sales and product teams clearly articulate why each of these products is critical to different departments within our customers.

So, long story not-so-short, I feel like the position as you described it aligns well with my background and professional passions. Hope you felt the same, and I look forward to meeting with you and the Director of Marketing Campaigns next week.

All the best, Brock